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Dr. Chee-tim Yip | Princeton Education Group

Dr. Chee-tim Yip

Chief Strategy Development Counsel, Chief Principal

Dr. Yip is an outstanding educator. He started to work in the education field after graduating from the Chinese University of Hongkong, and served as the Director of Computer Department, Computer Administration Director, Vice Principal and Principal in Pui Ching Middle School. Dr. Yip is the pioneer of computer education in Hongkong. In 1982, he set up computer courses in Pui Ching Middle School. Later, he was appointed as the Chairman of Computer Examination Course and National College Entrance Examination Course Committee under Curriculum Development Council in Hongkong Education Bureau, the Marker and the Assistant Examiner of Computer Course in Hongkong Examinations and Assessment Authority, etc. He facilitated the development of computer education in Hongkong. Dr. Yip is the school computer network and system program designer. In 1989, he led the computerization of administration in school, operated the Chinese language system on the net-connected computer platform, designed and prepared the computer administration system and applied knowledge management theories to optimize the system program. Dr. Yip is a pioneer in promoting the information technology education in Hongkong. In 1997, during his tenure as Chairman of Hongkong Association for Computer Education, he presented the proposal to develop information technology education in Hongkong, which was incorporated into the development blueprint by the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Government.

Dr. Yip is the builder of “Future Campus” for School of the Future. In 2003, he served as Principal of Pui Ching Middle School and integrated the spirit of Chinese traditional Six Arts Education with the western Multiple Intelligences Education, which became the theoretical foundation for establishing the School of the Future. In 2006, he started “Pui Ching Future Campus Project” and constructed eight campuses, including green campus, life campus, technology campus, learning campus, cyber campus, environmental protection campus, art campus and sport campus. The project makes it possible for students to study in different campuses and provides the space for every child to succeed. In 2015, he set up the “Creative Technology and Design Laboratory” to include creative design technology into regular courses. After over ten years’ practice of “Pui Ching Future Campus Project”, students’ academic and moral levels have been significantly improved. It nurtures a great number of outstanding talents in various disciplines, making Pui Ching the most distinguished Chinese language school in Hongkong. In November 2016, the Future School Lab of National Institute of Education Sciences of China published the “China Future School White Book”, in which the philosophy coincides with Dr. Yip’s “Future Campus Project”.

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